Tuesday, 27 January 2015

70 years on...

Today is National Holocaust Day, marking 70 years since Auschwitz was liberated. This is not what I would typically blog about but whilst in Poland visiting friends in 2012 my family & I visited Auschwitz and saw for ourselves the vivid reminders of the atrocities the prisoners endured. Seeing these  camps with our own eyes had a profound effect on us all.

 The train tracks at Birkenau.
So today survivors & families gather to honour the victims and remember...
If you ever find yourself near Krakow I would recommend you visit so these atrocious are never forgotten. There is a recommended lower age limit for children due to the images & collections within the museum.
Sheena x


  1. Gosh that must be a thought provoking experience....slightly harrowing I imangine....I think I might get a bit tearful....I heard someone speak about her experiences in Auschwitz and I will never forget it xxx

  2. I've been watching it on tv for most of today, and my heart breaks. We must not ever forget

  3. You're right....we should never forget.

  4. Thanks for marking the day and sharing those stunning photos.
    My father liberated one concentration camp during WWII, and it haunted him his whole life.

  5. Mum and I went last year and I honestly thought I would be balling all the way round the camp, but no, I found myself getting more and more angry that something as awful as what happend, did actually happen and went on for so long. Did you visit Schindler's factory too? That's when I cried....