Friday, 21 February 2014

See it, Pin it, Do it x

This is a new monthly meme that Fiona has devised over at Staring at the sea. I'm a huge fan of pinterest & have lots of things pinned to make, sew, cook... when I get the chance.
Last week my Daughter was looking for something new to bake so off to check my pinterest cooking board & we saw this image of cookie monster cookies.
Using just the ingredients we had at home we set to work & the results not only looked good but tasted fab. 
They had to be eaten within 24hrs of making as the cookie part started to soften but TBH that wasn't hard in this house!!
Now I'm wondering what we should make next :)
Many thanks for looking x
Sheena x 


  1. They look fantastic Sheena. Thanks so much for joining in. I'll add you to the board now.

  2. They look fun.
    I have sooo many pins....I need to try and join in.

  3. Great idea. The cupcakes look lovely.

  4. these do look like fun to make! x

  5. Oh Sheena these look amazing

  6. They look brilliant! If TSO sees these, she'll be rushing out for some blue food colouring..

  7. Great job on the SIPIDI cupcakes! I admire all the work they must have taken.

  8. Those are adorable, ALMOST too cute to bite into, but I would force myself LOL
    from another SIPIDI follower X