Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Month in Numbers - July.

Wow x the end of the month has come around again way too fast for my liking! here is an alternative way of looking at the past month using this fab system devised by Julie Kirk.


1936 - The last year a British man won Wimbledon till now WTG Andy.

10 blog posts written.

2200.8KM driven in our 2 weeks in South Africa.

24 chicken eggs = 1 ostrich egg we learnt!

95 Nelson Mandela celebrated his birthday during our visit.
3/4 matches watched by us on Dan's rugby tour.

18'28'26" East 36'21'25" South at the most south westerly point of Africa.
4 of the Big 5 seen on our Game Reserve drives.Including this baby elephant only 24 hours old.
2 new recipes tried - cookies & cream fudge brownies & soft pretzels.
17 loads of washing post holiday!!

This month Julie asked for us to add a communal number to our list...

9996 photos taken by the 5 of us over a 2 week holiday & so far none have been printed!!

Pop on over to Julies blog to see more MMIN x


  1. Fabulous list. And the elephant photo is one of the most precious things I've ever seen. Very impressive numbers - both the photos and the laundry loads. ;-)

  2. Wow - that is some photos! Great numbers and I love the baby elephant - so sweet, and a fabuous holiday I suspect. J x

  3. Don't know how you will decide which ones to print. Love the shot of the washing :0)
    Great numbers and photos. I have enjoyed my visit.

  4. Really interesting numbers..that's some big drive you did! and you are making me feel a bit better about the holiday washing. I think I'm up to load number 10 now

  5. The only problem I have when I sit down to read everyone's MinN posts is that I want to chat about *everything* that's featured!

    * Like how amazing your holiday sounds - what a wonderful experience! You saw a baby elephant for goodness sake - how fabulous!
    * and how many photos you all took!![imagine taking that many when the only way we could see the results was when we paid for each packet of 24!]
    * and how, while you may well have had a lot of washing to do ... it made nicely colour coordinated piles on your floor!
    * and how, when you mentioned Any Murray's win I couldn't believe that was just last month - seems ages ago now!

    Anyway ... before I spend all day here ... I've added your great post to the board now:

    Wishing you all a happy August!

    Julie :-)

    p.s: The questions for the 2nd 'Communal Count' are now up on my blog :-)

  6. Fab numbers.Seeing that picture of the cape reminded me of our trip to South Africa such an amazing country. What can I say about the baby elephant.... beautiful and only 24 hours old.

  7. What a massive number of photographs - but what a fabulour reminder of a great trip.

  8. Wow that is an awesome amount of photos to have taken - looks like you had a fab trip!!