Monday, 30 April 2012

Sitting Pretty

When the children were planning their bedrooms I really wanted to make things for them all to make the transition back home as smooth as possible. We had a window seat built in Harriet's bay.I decided to make some cushions for this space to make a cosy place for her to read.

I crocheted a granny square, for both sides in colours complimenting her room.

Next I'm planning a flower cushion using similar colours using this pattern from Attic 24

Harriet was so thrilled with her cushion, it made sewing in all the ends more worth while.


  1. Sheena that is perfect and I have just been over to see the flower one and that is stunning as well (may just have to have a go). I love all this making things its so much nicer that buying in the shops or on line xx
    Having seen Harriets room with the window seat I can just see her sitting there chilling with a book xx