Saturday, 7 May 2011

ScrapaGoGo Blog Hop

Welcome, welcome
to ScrapaGoGo's
National Scrapbooking day Blog Hop.
Big Hi to all who have joined us from Rebekah's blog.

On a day like today-NSD
it makes me think why I scrapbook...
I love the creative outlet,
I like telling stories
but most of all I love the concept of future generations
getting to know me & my family
through the pages I make.

Who's that Girl ??

When I look at this photo
I know who the babies are.
My Dad & his twin sister.
But the Lady ??
I've no clue & there is nobody left to ask :(

I don't know all my ANCESTORS
but hopefully through scrapbooking
future generations of my family
will know theirs.

Please leave a comment about why you scrapbook
to be entered into a prize draw.
Time now to hop on over to Sarah's blog x


  1. Morning Sheena,
    Happy National Scrapbooking day! Hope you're getting the chance to be crafty today.
    We have photos like that - although I still have quite a big family on my grans side so there is usually someone who has an idea.
    loves Chloe

  2. Happy scrapbooking day, sad when we find old photos and dont know who they are, guess this will get worse with digital photos

  3. Lovely photo Sheena. Happy NSD! X

  4. Happy NSD...I scrapbook because.....well because I get great therapy from relaxes me and I usually like the end result...have a great day

  5. I know exactly what you mean about old photos.

  6. HI Sheena, you know, i'm sure i met you once at Claire and Tracie's crop :)
    Anyhoo, happy national scrapbooking day :)
    What a gorgeous photograph!
    I scrap as an outlet - but i love capturing memories and telling stories about my family - mostly my son :) :)
    and it's great just to get time to myself to play with colours and make a mess :) :) :)

  7. I love old photos! There is always a mystery to each one. My second favorite hobby, after scrapbooking, is genealogy. Enjoy the day!

  8. Because it gives me a chance to be creative and produces beautiful books that will inform and record my life.

  9. Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

    Thanks for the chance to win


  10. I scrapbook so my boys can look back at photos from their childhood and have some more information about what they did, whare they were and what we were doing - instead of boxes of slides which I have got - many of which don't even have dates on them.

  11. Happy Scrapbooking Day!

    I scrapbook as a form of art - I love being able to present my photos in such a fabulous way, and it lets me express my creative side :D

  12. Happy scrapbook day!! I scrap so that my children have a record of their lives, and their children know our family history!! It also keeps me out of mischief!!

  13. I scrap because I enjoy capturing my everyday memories for my son and future generations to read. Happy NSD. xxx

  14. I;m the same as you, scrapping to preserve memories for the family for the future. I know I could just add lots of notes to photo albums, but they wouldn't be as interesting to look at. I now our albums are looked at more often now they are scrapped rather than just boring plain pages with photos on.

  15. I love scrapbooking because I KEEP the results of my artistic efforts (as opposed to card-making), because it preserves memories and stories - not just for me, but for my children too.

  16. I love to scrapbook it records every day happenings as well as giving my creative streak something to!!

  17. It's so frustrating isn't it. I have some photos like that too, wish they'd written on the back.

  18. Evening hun! I know what you mean, there are some family photo's we have no idea who's in them!

    I scrap because I can, it's my 'art' if you like.

  19. Hi Sheena - loving the wedding pic!!!

  20. i love vintage scrapping too and I have one album reserved especially for old family photos.