Wednesday, 9 February 2011

It all started with a chance remark ...

from the lovely Mandi over on ScrapaGoGo's forum.
Why not bury a time capsule
whilst the foundations were being laid at the house ?

Well, this idea was embraced by the whole family
& a biscuit tin duly found for the purpose.
We each added a couple of small things
which summed you up as a person.

( mine are a woggle- scouting, a handmade card - crafting
& a plastic chicken - for the Girls !)

It also holds a special bear, golf ball, smurf,
Disney badge, semi precious stone, 2011 Olympic 50p...
A number of family & house photos
and a covering letter
just to explain this odd assortment of bits to a stranger !!

Harriet also wrote a beautiful letter
explaining who we all are & why we were building our house,
it brought a tear to my eye TBH
so I printed off another copy to show her when she's older.
Then at the weekend we all went up
& buried it under what will be the family room floor.

I wonder who will find it ?
and what condition it will be in ?


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