Saturday, 22 May 2010

there may be trouble ahead ...

Our 2 new chickens are here :)
A black Miss Pepperpot called Dr Pepper and a Gingersnap Ranger called Gingy - think Shrek !!

Up to now we have always had black hens but Gingy is really rather cute & she will lay white shelled eggs & the other 2 brown ones.
So until today we have had them in a separate run to Jasmine, our remaining girl as integrating them involves them sorting out the pecking order - quite literally !!
It's not easy to watch but the more you interfere the longer it can go on :(
Jasmine was the boss before so I'm expecting it to go that way again- she definately has some anger management issues !!

So heres hoping they sort themselves out quicky.


  1. Fingers crossed for the girls that no one gets too hen pecked! xx

  2. So it'll beaks at dawn.
    They're gorgeous, I want some.

  3. Hope it sorted soon, with not too much fush.

  4. Fab names, especially Dr Pepper:D
    p.s thank you so much for the card guys xxxx