Thursday, 10 September 2009

Need inspiration?

Then check out the new semester @ GoGo Academy

Welcome to the start of the new Academy Semester!
September will see us stepping back into the traditional size we all love to scrap in, be it 12x12, or 8.5x11 whatever you favourite format. We will be creating three layouts that are based around the theme of “Life Lessons” - don't panic we will guide you gently through the creative process.To help you get ready we do suggest you prepare yourself for some honest journalling – something that you may not normally have written down, something that in the future will be of interest to those who discover the secrets of your scrapbooking.
Being a scrapbooker is just as much about letting the viewer learn about YOU as it is about learning about your holidays or family weddings etc, it’s a chance to write down some memories you have, wisdom, and experiences that may provoke the words “Wow.. I never knew that about my Mum/Dad/Sister/Brother” etc.
Here is our creative schedule for the three weeks following September Kit despatch:

Week One - 'Growing Up' with Nicola Kerridge
We are sharing Nicola's entire design so that you can be ready and prepared as soon as you September Kit lands on your doorstep:)

Week Two - 'Now' with SJ Dowsett

Week Three - 'Future' with Lisa Bond

Don't forget to join in the chat on the Clubhouse, you can pick up many tips from other members and designers alike. There will also be some 'Star Pupil Awards' for those that take an active part in the September Module:D


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